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“In stillness we access the truth that supports life” – Rowena Hunt

I help successful, driven people to find their way back to themselves, to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My clients learn to better manage stress, leaving disease and discomfort behind, to find greater joy in their everyday life and connect deeply to their own needs with a strong foundation for personal growth.

Together we use ancient yogic practices and Reiki healing, with intuitive coaching techniques, to find real solutions that transform you and how you live your life.

Yoga Mentor

I teach traditional yogic practices, in a dynamic combination of movement & breath. I have decades of practice experience and years of teaching under my belt so will guide you in transforming your body and mind through yoga breath-movement.

No matter your age or body type, yoga asana is a tool that can be melded to fit your body and give you access to the life goals that you are aspiring to.

Whether you are postpartum or prenatal, feeling weak or lacking in flexibility, or have a strong, established practice that you would like to develop, my years of experience in practice and teaching, coupled with centuries of yogic wisdom and philosophy, will guide us both along the path.


Master Healer

As a Master Reiki Healer of the Usui Lineage, as well as an experienced Intuitive Life & Wellness Coach, I can provide you with the transformation that you are seeking. 

Finding the truth of ‘living wellness’ is about taking the time to really  listen, to heal those elements of you that are out of balance, and to find ways to adapt your life to your needs.

Reiki Healing uses universal energy to shift the energy that is stuck within you, to heal you from the inside out, leaving you feeling revitalised, at peace, relaxed and refreshed.

Breath Specialist

I am an advanced Pranayama practitioner and experienced teacher so I know all too well that not only is breath vital to life, but to breathe correctly will transform your life. We will begin with simple breathwork techniques that teach your body to react more effectively to stressful events, whilst allowing you to drop the mental chatter and calm the mind. These practices improve how you live each day of your life and are proven scientifically to rebalance various diseases.

Later,  we discover ancient methods of pranayama that connect you to stillness, disciplining the mind, to guide you as you embark on a spiritual path to Truth of Self.


“Rowena Hunt…you are an inspiration and I cannot thank you enough for your help, advice, support and guidance you have shown me!”

Emma Saunders

“If you are looking to find balance in your life and how to live a more healthy and conscious life, Rowena could just be perfect for you! “

Kevin Chan

“I wholeheartedly recommend Rowena to all of my friends, family and colleagues and I am confident no matter what your situation / goal or history she would be able to help guide you to being the best version of yourself.”

Sarah Powell

“Working with Rowena has been nothing short of amazing for me! I’ve not only learned techniques to reduce my sky high stress levels, I’ve achieved some personal goals I didn’t even know were possible”

Michelle Cronin Bruce

“Her guidance for me has gone beyond simple diet and nutrition and extended to improving other areas of my life as well. In short, working with Rowena has been fantastically motivating and an invaluable help to my efforts in achieving a balanced life.”

Amy Har-Evan

“Rowena has been through so many lifetimes and can call upon heaps of experience in working with others. I would (and do) highly recommend anyone to take her up on her services. This is such a great opportunity to move towards balance with a truly dedicated and insightful lifestar!”

Dylan Bernstein

How to connect…

Yoga Movement


Private sessions, tailored to you or a small group, from HK$900. Block booking discounts.


A personalised Reiki healing session to help with your physical wellness and balance. You rest and relax while Reiki takes the pressure off for you. Prices start at HK$900. Also available as distance Reiki.

Breath Practice


Private sessions, tailored to you or a small group, from HK$900. Block booking discounts.


A Reiki healing session where the intention is your mental and emotional wellness to find greater peace, to connect with the deeper aspect of your Self. Prices start at HK$900. Also available as distance Reiki.

Healing Health


A Reiki healing session where the intention is your overall health and wellness, experiencing greater peace, healing body and mind, seeking the deeper aspect of Self. Prices start at HK$900. Also available as distance Reiki.

A dedicated session to focus on your health, wellness & life goals, where I truly listen to the challenges you face, guiding you towards real-time solutions, then together we will set a few simple yet powerful goals on the path towards balance. Bespoke  90min consultations from HK$1500.