My Background

I was a successful finance professional in Hong Kong for many years before leaving the stress behind for a complete life and career change. This culminated in me following my passion and launching ‘Rowena Hunt Wellness’ in 2012 as an advanced level Wellness Consultant and Wellness Coach.

I also actively share my passion for yoga, which came to me in 2005, by teaching others these ancient practices that supported me through the hedonistic finance years and which continue to be my strength & inspiration. I have over 1400 hours of specific training in yogic practices, plus a daily practice which informs my teaching, just as much as teaching informs my practice.

Without doubt one of my greatest qualifications is having worked, lived and breathed corporate life in Hong Kong because it gave me the ability to truly understand the needs of my busiest clients. This exciting and challenging experience taught me how living with imbalance can have a profound effect upon life and health. Having first-hand understanding motivates me to make a difference, one person at a time.

The world of wellness is an ever growing, ever changing one. My training is never ‘finished’ and this journey continues to expand with new studies, new theories, new texts and new teachers, not to mention new experiences. My greatest teachers are always my clients and I greatly value every new lesson.

“Rowena has been through so many lifetimes and can call upon heaps of experience in working with others. I would (and do) highly recommend anyone to take her up on her services. This is such a great opportunity to move towards balance with a truly dedicated and insightful lifestar!”


Dylan Bernstein, World Renowned Yogi (Stillness in Action)

Psycology, wellness & nutrition training

  • Honours Degree in Psychology BSc (1999-2002) from The University of Manchester, the UK’s oldest Psychology Dept. Specialisations & research included behavioural psychology, developmental psychology, interpersonal relationships and online coaching.
  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach (2012/13) from New York’s ‘Institute for Integrative Nutrition’ the world’s largest nutrition school.
  • Advanced Health Coaching Certificate (2013/14) also from New York’s ‘Institute for Integrative Nutrition’.
  • AADP – Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and life member of the American Association for Drugless Practitioners
  • Cambridge Nutritional Sciences – Registered practitioner (2018) for intolerance testing & other food-related diagnostic tests.

A great deal of my intuitive coaching techniques & understanding is born out of my study and practice of the ancient yogic traditions.

Yoga training & teaching

Yoga first came to me in 2005, but I was introduced to the Ashtanga tradition in 2009 & fell in love. I am now a dedicated daily yoga practitioner with over 1400 hours of yoga teacher training and am a registered yoga teacher RYT500 with the globally recognised Yoga Alliance, as well as having Yoga Alliance advanced teaching certification in pranayama and yogic breathing, advanced anatomy and pre & post natal yoga.

I taught traditional yogic practices regularly at my own shala ‘The Yoga Lounge’ in the sub-tropical jungle of Clearwater Bay, until I left Hong Kong in 2017, as well as teaching various private clients in Hong Kong Central District. My teaching & my clients have lead me to share yoga at tropical shalas in Bali and Thailand, with palliative care nurses in a UK-based hospice each year and even in my hometown in the sleepy English countryside. 

In Ashtanga, I have regularly assisted in busy Mysore rooms alongside Clayton Horton in Hong Kong and with Dylan Bernstein in Bali & Hong Kong, as well as teaching private and group clients the Primary Series.

In formal training, I have been blessed to study extensively over the years with many senior teachers from the Ashtanga lineage, including Chuck Miller, Anthony (Prem) Carlisi & Heather (Radha) Carlisi, Clayton Horton and my long-standing teacher in yoga and life, Dylan Bernstein.

More recently I have been focusing on my studies of pranayama (yogic breathing) with Sri O.P. Tiwariji, one of the last remaining classical yogis teaching traditional pranayama, and Paul Dallaghan  who is one of Tiwariji’s senior students and is also certified in the Ashtanga lineage. Both Tiwariji and Paul Dallaghan are very active in the exploration of ancient texts as well as in ground-breaking new scientific research into how these ancient practices directly apply to our modern, stress-laden society. Together, they combine the ‘old and new’ into practical, transferable knowledge for the students of today.

I am currently blessed to be immersed in a personal and professional mentorship with published author, channel, coach, teacher and lifestar Dorien Israel. Dorien has been a guide and mentor to me for many years already and I am honoured to be gifted this opportunity.

Specific yoga training:

Sri OP Tiwariji of Kaivalyadhama & Paul Dallaghan of Yoga Thailand

  • 2019 – 2 weeks 100hr Pranayama Practice & Philosophy, Advanced Teacher Training
  • 2017 – 1 month 200 hr Pranayama Practice & Philosophy, Advanced Teacher Training
  • 2016 – 1 month 200hr Pranayama Practice & Philosophy, Advanced Teacher Training

Arielle Nash-Degagne – Yoga Thailand, Samahita Retreat, Thailand

  • 2018 – 2 week 85hr Pre & Post Natal Advanced Yoga Teacher Training – a journey through yoga from conception to childbirth and beyond
  • 2017 – 2 week 100hr Advanced Yoga Anatomy Teacher Training

Dylan Bernstein – Stillness in Action

  • 2016/17 – 6 month Personal mentorship: an in-depth study of traditional yoga practices both ‘on the mat’, in philosophy & scripture, and looking at practice & teaching.
  • 2016 Oct – Mysore teaching & practice with Dylan at AYBRC, Bali
  • 2016 – Mysore assistant in Hong Kong
  • 2015/16 – 1 month 200-hour intensive training: Diving Deep into Yoga Traditions
  • 2014 – Intensive workshop, Pure Yoga HK
  • 2012 – 2015 Daily Mysore practice with Dylan, HK

Clayton Horton – Pure Yoga, HK

  • 2016 – Ashtanga Intermediate Series Workshop, Hong Kong
  • 2015-2017 – Assistant in the Mysore team at Pure Yoga HK
  • 2015-2017 – Daily Mysore practice with Clayton, HK

Paul Dallaghan & Team – Yoga Thailand, Samahita Retreat, Thailand

  • 2013-2018 inclusive – Yearly intensive Mysore practice, study, retreat and detox

Anthony ‘Prem’ Carlisi & Heather ‘Radha’ Carlisi – AYBRC Bali

  • 2016 – Intensive Mysore practice & one to one coaching on yogic life & Ayurveda
  • 2015 – Ashtanga Intensive, Hong Kong

Chuck Miller – Sama Ashtanga Yoga

  • 2014 – 100-hour Teacher Training, Breath-Roots-Core, Tokyo Japan
  • 2013 – Ashtanga intensive retreat at Samahita, Thailand
  • 2012 – Ashtanga practice & philosophy retreat in Nagano, Japan
  • 2012 – Workshop – Sama Ashtanga Yoga, Hong Kong


I remain grateful for the strength, balance & insight that my daily yoga practices continue to bring to me in my life and work. I give thanks also to my first Ashtanga teacher Nua Shiwon Lim in Seoul, South Korea, for lighting the spark that has become a lifelong passion: she gave me my first yoga philosophy book and in doing so took the practice ‘off the mat’, inspiring me to embark not only on a journey of daily practice, but on a lifetime of study and self-exploration.

Workshops & events

I have hosted various wellness and yoga workshops in Hong Kong and the UK, all providing skills and knowledge that I am now taking with me around the globe as I continue this journey.

Recent events include:

  • Bringing Back Balance
    Finding balance through wellness coaching techniques, yoga asana & breath, co-hosted with Amy Arman of Yoga Thailand, in Hong Kong
  • Keeping Kefir in Your Kitchen – Fermentation and Digestive Health
    At various locations across Hong Kong over several years
  • Do You Breathe?
    Sharing breath techniques for stress at various locations in Hong Kong
  • Breath for Stress.
    Sharing breath techniques for stress at Hong Kong’s largest yoga festival, IRIS
  • Seasonal Stress? Learn to Cope, One Breath at a Time.
    Christmas stress-busting workshops in both Hong Kong and the UK
  • Wellness and Balance in Yoga
    Guest speaker at Dylan Bernstein’s 200hr Yoga Traditions training, Shenzhen China

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