My clients have experienced many and varied transformations in their lives over the years, through their own hard work, commitment & dedication and with my guidance along the way. Read on to find out how working with me will impact upon your own transformation.
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Wellness Testimonials

Working with Rowena has been nothing short of amazing for me! I’ve not only learned techniques to reduce my sky high stress levels, I’ve achieved some personal goals I didn’t even know were possible. I’ve come off 50% of the stress meds I was on in a year (and the rest in the following year) which I attribute to the work we have done together – incredible. Rowena is a great listener who has empathy and understanding of what it’s like to operate in the real world, with real life stresses. She’s full of targeted advice, is super organised, calm and always positive. I look forward to our Yoga practice and the ‘zen yet energised’ feeling I have afterwards. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone looking for a long-term solution to life!

Michelle Cronin Bruce – Marketing Director, Hong Kong

Rowena helped me to understand the true meaning of health and wellness. When I first met Rowena I was tired, on a calorie restricted diet that was making me miserable, stressed, anxious…and it was my birthday! I thought if I lost weight I would be happier. Fast forward two years into the future and thanks to Rowena’s teachings and guidance I have a much more balanced lifestyle, filled with gratitude, love and wellness. I feed myself nutritious foods inspired by Rowena’s recipes. I practice the breathing and relaxation techniques she showed me. I discovered that practising gratitude made me feel happy so I do it every day! On top of everything my fertility issues went away and I became pregnant without using fertility drugs- something I wasn’t able to do a few years before. Rowena changed my life for the better. She is so calming, accepting, welcoming and supportive. I miss our cups of tea together. She is a true lady and I am so thankful to know her. 

Alicia Hegarty – Full time Mum, Australia

Rowena has been a wonderful wellness coach for me over the past year. I have learnt how to much better manage my stress from a most hectic work schedule as well as find more balance in my life. Rowena has given me very useful tips from exercising, dieting, meditation and yoga to name a few. If you are looking to find balance in your life and how to live a more healthy and conscious life, Rowena could just be perfect for you! 

Kevin Chan – Proprietor of Orthodontic Clinics, Hong Kong & Shanghai

Working with Rowena has truly been a pleasure. My goals when we started were simply to lose weight, eat better, and work toward finding some balance in my life, and she exceeded my expectations from the very beginning. Her demeanor is so calming and positive, and yet forthright and exceptionally knowledgeable. So much so that I walked away from the first six months and came back for more! In every session, Rowena let me do the talking and added guidance so that we found the right solutions for each issue I was facing together.

Every time we met, I left with some tangible takeaway: snacks, ingredients, articles, cookbooks, tons of recipes. She gave me healthy options for my sugar cravings that actually tasted good, limits for alcohol and caffeine that were reasonable, not herculean. Basically she is realistic and understands my lifestyle, but probably most importantly she is encouraging and makes me believe that I can make these changes.

As I mentioned before, I completed the six-month program and have gone on to an “advanced” course so that I can continue learning from her. Her guidance for me has gone beyond simple diet and nutrition and extended to improving other areas of my life as well. In short, working with Rowena has been fantastically motivating and an invaluable help to my efforts in achieving a balanced life.

Amy Har-Even – Writer & Full time Mother, USA

I felt sluggish, constantly tired and unaware of why my moods were up and down, even though I have an amazing but busy life in Hong Kong. I am a Partner in my own business, have a happy home life with my gorgeous husband & some incredible friends I love spending time with. I didn’t approach Rowena because I was unhappy or needed a crash diet, but because I just didn’t know where my mojo was! Since I started working with Rowena in November 2013 I have discovered a massive improvement in my overall health & wellbeing. 

Prior to working with Rowena I was a little frightened of being told to ‘drink the latest juices for days at a time / fad diets’ to shift the extra couple of kgs I just couldn’t seem to move or totally cut out my favourite red wines. She totally dispelled my fears on our first meeting by telling me she would not tell me to juice / diet / detox / stop doing anything unless that is what I wanted & saw the benefit. She has kept to her word – but thankfully through her positive coaching and education I am now a 100% believer in putting only the best food into my body – guess what – that even includes a daily dose of delicious green smoothie!

I have also more awareness of the stuff not related to food that is just as important for my wellbeing – my relationships / spirituality / education. I love the gorgeous skin products she has introduced me to & the new shops in HK I didn’t even know existed! 

She truly is an inspiration and I totally trust her judgement and advice from a straight talking, calm girl who has definitely been in my shoes! I love the fact she is so organised and has opened up doors to me I would have otherwise been skeptical of walking through. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Rowena to all of my friends, family and colleagues and I am confident no matter what your situation / goal or history she would be able to help guide you to being the best version of yourself.

Sarah Powell – Financial Partner & Consultant, Hong Kong

Rowena Hunt…you are an inspiration and I cannot thank you enough for your help, advice, support and guidance you have shown me!

Deciding to work with Rowena was life-changing and a great eye opener in showing me how I could make adjustments to my life in every aspect. Not only through food and healthy eating but also how I could manage my daily life to create a balance for all aspects of my life. Rowena’s guidance has truly left me feeling so optimistic about my future and my health.

No matter what I am feeling Rowena manages to let me talk, listen so amazingly well and will always put a positive slant on things. Having this has made such a difference to my life as Rowena magically makes everything seem so much less overwhelming but always manageable.

When I came to Rowena I was dealing with a lot of grief from losing my parents and Rowena was the catalyst to allowing me to manage my grief and to guide me to places within myself that I never would have imagined needed attention.

I was always feeling guilty for not being there for my girls and had a hard time saying no. Now however, I listen to my body and its needs and give myself time to exercise in the week and to eat and be aware of what I am eating. More than anything I have become a friend to myself first. The biggest enjoyment has been finding new foods for my family and I and enjoying healthy alternatives. Who would have thought I would drink a green smoothie each morning and that my girls would enjoy Kale chips! It’s wonderful that I can educate my children so young and this is all down to Rowena’s delicious recipes and incredible ideas.

Rowena’s handouts she creates are wonderful to read and so amazing to keep looking back on. They are a reminder of her incredibly helpful and prepared sessions and care that she provides for you. If you are looking for a coach Rowena is the lady to see!

Emma Saunders - Trauma Specialist, Hong Kong

Through Rowena’s coaching I’ve gained a greater knowledge of what my mind, body and soul like and more importantly what they don’t.

A few years ago the idea of having a ‘Health & Wellness Coach’ would have seemed ludicrous to me – a low maintenance, self sufficient young woman with a bit of a British ‘stiff upper lip’ when it comes to most things health-tastic, spiritual or holistic. But after turning thirty and reaching a critical point in my career I felt I owed it to myself to find as many ways as possible to avoid floundering, and flourish.

Enter Rowena. I’m so glad I had her with me over the last six months. I wanted to do everything in my power to stay balanced and healthy so that things beyond my control would be easier to handle and Rowena’s coaching has been an integral part of finding that balance.

Coaching doesn’t solve all your problems. It doesn’t make you fireproof or impervious to life’s stresses and Rowena is not a guru prescribing fluffy, idealistic solutions. She’s a real person with a passion for making life more fulfilling, and the tools to help get you there. She doesn’t simply let you talk and wait for her turn to speak – she listens. Everyone has an ego but over the course of our six months, Rowena’s didn’t make a single appearance. Her recommendations felt tailored; unique to me. She persisted in areas which needed the most work without ever being pushy. She won’t tell you what your new perspective should be; if you need one at all she will work with you to help find it yourself.

One to one sessions, nutritional insight, goodies through the letterbox, recipes, reading, research, exercises and encouragement aside, Rowena shows kindness. A genuine kindness that has helped me be a little kinder to myself. It may seem like a small thing but to me it has been invaluable.

Through Rowena’s coaching I’ve gained a greater knowledge of what my mind, body and soul like and more importantly what they don’t. I can easily knock up tasty, healthy food without spending a fortune. I’m a more conscious shopper and make better decisions about the food I buy. I’ve found forms of exercise I enjoy rather than resent. I even understand my menstrual cycle better which, believe me, is extremely important.

I’m no angel. I still buy and eat crap sometimes, I still have lazy days. I’m not the superhero I hoped to become. But as long as I’m moving steadily along my own path towards a more fulfilling life, I know Rowena wouldn’t have me any other way.”

Rachel Moulden - Singer Songwriter with UK Chart success, Published Author, London

I’ve learned a lot about food and the effect it has on my body, my mind and my health…Rowena has helped me at a very deep level to improve the way I relate to the world!”

Working with Rowena has been very valuable for me. I’m a Health Coach myself and keeping up with ‘walking my talk’ can be quite challenging at times. Rowena’s amazing support has been FUNDAMENTAL on my journey. She has become the little voice inside my head that keeps me on track! When I’m about to fall into ‘temptation’ I’m mentally reminded that there is always a better choice!

With her coaching I’ve been able to work on my weaknesses using my strengths, I’ve learned a lot about food and the effect it has on my body, my mind and my health. Her continuous support is what makes the difference. It is not only about what happens during our sessions, but it goes beyond. Rowena has helped me at a very deep level to improve the way I relate to the world!

I’d absolutely recommend you to work with Rowena. She has a great ability to guide you without judgment, to lead you into becoming a BETTER YOU. I’m so grateful for having Rowena in my life! She is such an inspiration to me!

Sandra Carvajal - Fashion Supply Chain Manager, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist, Hong Kong

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Yoga Testimonials

I started yoga with Rowena with a sceptical mind which has truly been transformed. I have disc problems in my lower back and working with Rowena helps massively. She is a calm, nurturing and very positive teacher. There is an aura of calmness and positivity in the class and whatever level you are working at you gain a great deal.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else. 

Jaime Ormshaw – Olympian, Swimming Coach, UK

A good friend of mine recommended Rowena’s yoga class about 8 months ago. I was a bit reluctant to try it as I felt happy with the class I was already attending. Anyway, I came along and I haven’t looked back. Rowena’s classes aren’t like anything I have experienced before. As a class I feel like we are all moving on a journey together. My flexibility and strength has improved massively. My understanding of the yoga postures is growing so this enables me to carry on at home. I have noticed how much more chilled out I am – not worrying and just taking each day as it comes. I also have 1:1 classes with Rowena which again I have hugely benefited from. 

Hayley Embleton – Full time Mother, UK

Rowena has been through so many lifetimes and can call upon heaps of experience in working with others. I would (and do) highly recommend anyone to take her up on her services. This is such a great opportunity to move towards balance with a truly dedicated and insightful lifestar!

Dylan Bernstein – World Renowned Yoga Teacher, Nomadic

I am a 46 year old who is suffering from peri-menopausal symptoms and a bad back, which is nearly completely better since working with Rowena. Her classes are so meditative and soothing for the soul. I truly feel I now understand the big picture yoga creates for an individual, the on and off the mat philosophy. Rowena is a dedicated, experienced and kind person. She offers a great wealth of knowledge in her yoga, breath and meditation classes. I am a 46 year old who is suffering from peri-menopausal symptoms and recently a bad back, which is nearly completely better from some great stretches given to me by Rowena.

Alice Denning – Full time Mother, UK

Rowena has a unique approach, healing bodies and minds.. She is generous and spiritually connected, lifting us and taking us on this path of inner peace, while helping us get this yoga body ! Her classes are therapy, starting with meditation, I would say a targeted meditation, since each one of us feels it is answering our day’s concern, and this is already a little miracle. Meditation is followed by postures and we can only improve since she corrects us individually. And this is Rowena’s beauty, with her open mind and precious advice, sharing her journey and the teaching she received, a holistic approach for the benefit of our group, advancing and improving together, in synchronicity, and this makes her class ‘stand out from the rest’. Thank you for showing the way and helping me in my journey to a better me.

Nada Harward – UN Peacekeeper, UK

Rowena welcomes us all with the same kindly interest because that is part of her personality, warm and friendly. There is never pressure to compete as respect for each other is part of her ethos. The classes themselves are whatever you want them to be with gentle encouragement from Rowena. I have felt energised and rested and come away with a renewed sense of empowerment. Rowena may be running a small business but this is part of it’s appeal; she makes small a beautiful experience.

Carolyn Kinsey – Retired, UK

I love Rowena`s classes because she knows how to skilfully combine various techniques in order to address each & every client`s needs. Rowena`s background in psychology, in the corporate world, as a world traveller and a loving mother & wife equip her with unique tools for working with individuals and groups and have provided her with a deep understanding of human nature. Rowena always knew and felt what I needed at every particular moment on my journey of life.

Her exclusive use of breathing techniques, yoga asana, and counselling skills supported me through an emotionally rich year as a mother, as a full-time student and as a business owner. In spite of my injury, sustained before I started working with Rowena, we managed to make my practice enjoyable thanks to her knowledge of yoga anatomy. Beyond practice, Rowena`s heartfelt advice on ‘life hacks’ in the busy and stressful city of Hong Kong was useful and greatly appreciated. Wherever my path takes me next, I know that Rowena`s interventions will greatly contribute to my success, whether big or small. Thank you, Rowena!

Anna Glazcova – Entrepreneur, Psychologist, Hong Kong

I have been attending Rowena’s yoga classes for over a year ago and the classes have been exactly what I needed and have become a vital part of my week. I hadn’t done any yoga for over a decade and those previous sessions had been more like exercise classes so it was wonderful to now be in a small class with positions being expertly taught, their purpose being carefully explained and being gently helped whenever I needed. Rowena‘s planning and structuring of the sessions means your practise develops at your own pace, but with the extra motivation that I know I need to keep improving. She designs the routines so you can practise at home which I’ve found very useful when I haven’t been able to attend the classes. Rowena’s yoga classes have helped my body become stronger and more flexible. Just as importantly, though, they have been wonderful at de-stressing me during intense periods of work. Although my body might ache (in a good way!) afterwards my mind is always in a much calmer state after the session than before. Rowena is a highly knowledgeable and effective instructor but she is also very friendly, approachable and considerate, making sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying the session. She is attentive to diverse needs and is very helpful in offering guidance and support. She has helped to foster a sense of community across the classes, including hosting a Christmas dinner herself. I’m so glad that I found her classes and would highly recommend them to anyone. 

Fiona Gadd – Mathematics Tutor, UK

I had the opportunity to practice with Rowena for three weeks in October 2016 in Bali. From the very beginning I enjoyed having her as my teacher. Not only did she give great adjustments but also she really took her time with me to deepen my practice. Even after practice she was open to answer all my questions giving me really good advice. I really feel that Rowena is called to be a teacher and that she teaches/treats each student with so much kindness and love. That’s why I felt comfortable from the very beginning and the student-teacher relationship was just amazing. I hope I have the possibility to practice with her again. 

Verena Arndt – Yogi, Austria

Rowena is very passionate about yoga and you can definitely feel her passion in her classes. Her teaching style is very personalised, always making sure that you do an asana accordingly to your own body conditions. Her gentleness and her emphasis on breathing gives a very soothing practice experience. As fellow students with Rowena in our Teacher Training, we would totally recommend her class, especially if you are seeking a sense of peace and calmness.

Ben Diggins – Martial Arts Master, Yoga & Functional Movement Teacher, Hong Kong

Rowena´s teaching method was really an enrichment for me. On the yoga mat, she helped me with her clear adjustments and fabulous tips to reach a new level in my Ashtanga practice, but always taking care about stable and deep breath. She is a very focused and caring person and I think about our talks both on and off the mat with a lot of thankfulness. She´s really a very inspiring and strong woman who is not afraid to face her fears when necessary.

Melanie Then – Yogi, Germany

I met Rowena through our teacher training in Hong Kong. Her consistent passion and gentle heart always make me feel uplifted. Especially during my time of practice with her at AYBRC (Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Centre) – I felt so GRATEFUL. It was almost like a miracle and magic that she helped me towards a place that I needed to find by sharing her energy and beautiful spirit. I believe that her nature and smile break down all the defences and fears if you meet her!

Fumi Shimada – Flight Staff, Yoga Teacher, Hong Kong

Rowena is one of those people that at first glance/ first assumption, your intuition tells you, there’s a deep level of kindness within. A kindness that is persistent through her thought, speech, and action while working with me during my practice. To me, it is really important to have an approachable teacher. Rowena created such a welcoming environment to do so. I look forward to spending more time with her when our paths cross again

Victoria Witrak – Yogi, Outdoor Enthusiast, USA

Rowena is an inspiring teacher who has given me the space to create my own personal life balance as a mother and entrepreneur. Each time I practice, her humble words and encouragement are with me. I am grateful to have her in my life and hope to become more present in her courses and workshops in the future.

Michelle Allen – Yoga Teacher,  Bali

Rowena is an amazing yoga teacher. Her deep knowledge of philosophy, passion, caring & calming nature, and love of yoga greatly inspires me. I always learn a lot more than just yoga poses from her classes and highly recommend her!

Catherine Wang – Wellness Entrepreneur, Hong Kong

Rowena is dedicated to her profession. She is very engaged and wants to make sure that you are better after having spent time with her. I was fortunate to have her as one of my ashtanga teachers when I was in Bali. She was very serious about making sure that the students received proper adjustments. She seems to live and teach with a nice balance of attentive and disciplined hard work and down-to-earth fun.

Furthermore, I will never forget a day where we got lunch together with some other ashtangis and not only did she share some of her knowledge of pranayama and nutrition but she also gave me some of her freshly sprouted mung beans. ☺ I think her secret weapon is that she knows so much about healthy eating. This is a huge passion of mine and a very important part of my life so I really appreciated this. I will never forget my time with her. Thanks Rowena!

Dustan Drake – Marketing Specialist, USA

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