Yoga Asana

Combine movement and breath to bring balance and strength to your body and mind
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Why Yoga?

Yoga asana (the physical expression of yoga) is what supported me through life as a financial executive in the fast-paced, high-stress boardrooms of Hong Kong, is what made me physically and mentally stronger after having our first child in South Korea, and yet taught me to be softer, calmer and more accepting while travelling the world when our second child came into our lives.

Whether you want to lose weight and gain strength, manage stress better,  face a health challenge, or teach the mind to be quieter with greater focus, yoga asana can offer you the key.

Using specific combinations of movement and breath from the Ashtanga lineage, we will use yoga asana to uplift your life: a regular yoga asana practice will manage your energy on many levels, will act as a therapeutic tool to heal and strengthen your physical body and will balance, calm and soothe your often over-stimulated mind.

Yoga truly is for everyone, even for complete beginners, and is not simply about touching your toes! No matter your age, gender, body type or physical condition, we will use yoga as a tool that is melded to fit you, giving you access to the body, mind & life transformation you have been searching for.

Equally if you have an established Ashtanga or other yoga practice, I will support you with movement and breath, yoga theory and philosophy, and gentle adjustments to body and mind. Together we will build you a self-practice that you can do anywhere.

Private Sessions


Yoga asana based on the Ashtanga system, building strength and flexibility, tailored to your body and needs, suitable for both beginners and established practitioners.

Prices listed below.

BODY & BREATH REBALANCE – asana & breath 

Personalised yoga asana for strength & flexibility with breathwork techniques to reduce stress in body and mind, suitable from beginners to established practitioners.

Prices listed below.


Equally suitable for complete beginners and those with some yoga experience who wish to further their personal practice, seek guidance to develop a regular self-practice, or to check-in on sequencing, alignment, modifications, philosophy, traditions and taking yoga ‘off-the-mat’ & into your life.

Prices listed below.


60min 1 or 2 people $900 / 3 or 4 people $1200 / 5 or 6 people $1500  (buy 10, 11th is free)*

90min 1 or 2 people $1200 / 3 or 4 people $1500 / 5 or 6 people $1800  (buy 10, 11th is free)*

MOVE TO WELLNESS – coaching & asana

Using a combination of modern coaching techniques and traditional yoga asana to rebalance your life. Bespoke one-on-one wellness coaching (as described in the ‘Rebalance Consultation’) and uplifting, dynamic yoga asana tailored to your needs to strengthen and balance your body and mind.

2 hours HK$2500 (NO FEE  when you join a Wellness Package)**

* Terms and conditions apply. Pricing may vary depending on individual needs and circumstances

**  ‘Move to Wellness’ is not suitable for small groups. 

Group Classes / Events


These group yoga asana sessions are powerful yet soft, intelligent and mindful. Using inspiration from the Ashtanga vinyasa lineage, we move together for strong body and calm mind. Tailored and adjusted to suit each individual body, each class will shift energy, bring strength and balance, combat stress and improve mental focus to recharge your life. From beginners onward.

Specialist Mysore Classes 60-90min class

– Monday, Wednesday & Friday 0745-0911

– Thursdays 1030-1115.

Contact me to book. Small groups, max 5.

$400 per class, or receive 11 classes when you book a block of 10 classes.

Terms and conditions apply.



Available for bespoke workshops or speaking engagements, corporate events and workplace development.

Details available on request.



If you’re seeking balance in your life… If you want to breathe vitality back into your life... Or if you're hoping to bring the ‘life’ back to your life…


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