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I offer bespoke combinations of wellness, nutrition and lifestyle consulting with yoga movement and breathwork. Together we will design a system that best supports your needs.
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Yoga Asana

Using intelligent sequences of specific, traditional movement and breath combinations, yoga asana has the power to uplift your life, to act as therapy to your physical body and to soothe your tired mind.

Flexibility was not my forte either, but I have learned that with patience and a ‘beginners mind’ the body is a vehicle that we can choose to steer. No matter your age, body type or experience, we will use yoga as a tool to support you in your life.

Wellness Consulting

As your personal Wellness Consultant, I take the time to truly listen to you, while illuminating how you may better listen to yourself. Together we will work to make my services obsolete as you re-learn how to read & respond to your own body & mind.

As we navigate the contradictory, ever-changing world of nutritional advice and lifestyle solutions, we will determine what best fits your body and allow you to reach & sustain your fullest potential, whilst still having fun along the way.

Breath Techniques

Learn how to better control and utilise your breath when in the boardroom under pressure or when your adorable children are wearing you down, use a daily breathwork practice to combat stress and improve health imbalances, then later begin pranayama techniques that teach us to connect to our inner awareness and calm the mind.

Learning simple breath techniques and establishing a daily pranayama practice has the power to totally transform your life.

“Rowena Hunt…you are an inspiration and I cannot thank you enough for your help, advice, support and guidance you have shown me!”

Emma Saunders

“If you are looking to find balance in your life and how to live a more healthy and conscious life, Rowena could just be perfect for you! ”

Kevin Chan

“I wholeheartedly recommend Rowena to all of my friends, family and colleagues and I am confident no matter what your situation / goal or history she would be able to help guide you to being the best version of yourself.”

Sarah Powell

“Working with Rowena has been nothing short of amazing for me! I’ve not only learned techniques to reduce my sky high stress levels, I’ve achieved some personal goals I didn’t even know were possible”

Michelle Cronin Bruce

“Her guidance for me has gone beyond simple diet and nutrition and extended to improving other areas of my life as well. In short, working with Rowena has been fantastically motivating and an invaluable help to my efforts in achieving a balanced life.”

Amy Har-Evan

“Rowena has been through so many lifetimes and can call upon heaps of experience in working with others. I would (and do) highly recommend anyone to take her up on her services. This is such a great opportunity to move towards balance with a truly dedicated and insightful lifestar!”

Dylan Bernstein

If you’re seeking balance in your life… If you want to breathe vitality back into your life... Or if you're hoping to bring the ‘life’ back to your life…


I will share ideas, life-hacks, recipes, new techniques and ancient traditions.


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