“What do you need to do, what is required of you in order to change the pattern of your existence?”

— Rowena Hunt  


I write as a practice: it is cathartic, it is challenging, it is experimental and it is transformational. In sharing some of what I write with you, I hope to also share some of the transformation.

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Wellness – Breath – Yoga

A Disney Experiment

We went to Disney Hong Kong this week... Have you ever noticed when you go to a big theme park that you get that 'smacked round the head with a hammer' tiredness and brain fog towards the end of the day? We always find the walk back to the car is exhausting and we're...

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Have you seen the Lego Movie? It’s on in the background as I write this on a lazy Sunday morning while my beautiful daughter Beatrice watches it intently. The message is clear in the opening scenes: follow the instructions, follow the rules of society and report...

Honesty, Fear & Fitting Out

My first blog created more transformation and metamorphosis than I could have anticipated. Purely in laying that blog ‘out there’, wherever ‘there’ is, I took a piece of me and tore it wide open, laying it bare, laying it out in the public domain and in doing so I...

The First Crack in the Mould.

What do you need to do, what is required of you in order to change the pattern of your existence? To make more evolved lifestyle decisions rather than following the norm and staying stuck in a rut, to improve health, or to enhance life in any way things must change,...

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