Amy Har-Even


Working with Rowena has truly been a pleasure. My goals when we started were simply to lose weight, eat better, and work toward finding some balance in my life, and she exceeded my expectations from the very beginning. Her demeanor is so calming and positive, and yet forthright and exceptionally knowledgeable. So much so that I walked away from the first six months and came back for more! In every session, Rowena let me do the talking and added guidance so that we found the right solutions for each issue I was facing together.

Every time we met, I left with some tangible takeaway: snacks, ingredients, articles, cookbooks, tons of recipes. She gave me healthy options for my sugar cravings that actually tasted good, limits for alcohol and caffeine that were reasonable, not herculean. Basically she is realistic and understands my lifestyle, but probably most importantly she is encouraging and makes me believe that I can make these changes.

As I mentioned before, I completed the six-month program and have gone on to an “advanced” course so that I can continue learning from her. Her guidance for me has gone beyond simple diet and nutrition and extended to improving other areas of my life as well. In short, working with Rowena has been fantastically motivating and an invaluable help to my efforts in achieving a balanced life.

— Amy Har-Even is a talented, creative and devoted mother to three beautiful girls.