Corporate Connections

From a corporate standpoint, having one of Hong Kong’s foremost health & wellness coaches on your side can be the driving force behind a more productive, healthier and more present workforce, both figuratively & literally speaking, bringing you back on track to take better care of your employees and your targets.  

Not only do I have many and varied, successful Hong Kong executives as my personal clients, but I was a top performing, award-winning Financial Consultant myself for many years in Hong Kong’s dynamic financial centre, so I fully empathise with the stresses and strains of life in the fast lane. I will allow that genuine personal experience to be my guide in coaching your team towards energy, enthusiasm and endurance in both their own lives and as valued members of your workforce.

Corporate Connections allows my experience in ReBalancing executive health and wellness to be paired with your specific health & wellness remit, tailoring a fit to your particular corporate requirements, goals and budgets. 

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